This project shows photographs of Colombian mothers whose children got adopted internationally. For most of the Colombian adoptees it is impossible to meet their own mothers. Ask questions about, where they are from and why they entered the adoption system.  #NoMotherNoChild shows these lost Colombian mothers. After years of being silenced and marginalized they spoke up and told their own stories. 

behind international adoption


The narrative of international adoption is dominated by adoption profiteers: Adoption agencies or adoptive parents. Giving an orphaned child a loving home in a wealthy nation, making a childless couple’s dream come true. The story of adoption does not start with the happy adoptive family. But with a child born to a mother. #NoMotherNoChild explored where the adoption begins and features the most unheard voices of the adoption experiences: the first mothers. 

Reveal the stories of the Colombian mothers.

DNA test gave me hope, that I can see my son again before I die.

Reveal the stories of the Colombian Mothers. 

I don’t know why they brought my children to the orphanage. 

Reveal the stories of the Colombian mothers. Get to know where the adoptees come from. 

Reveal the stories of the Colombian mothers.

She was divine, the sweetest, perfect girl I have ever seen.

Reveal the Stories of the Colombian mothers.

Yennifer Villa

Photographer and Human Rights Activist, #NoMotherNoChild