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is a multidisciplinary approach to implement sustainability in the heart of design solutions. It includes social responsibilities as much as the environmental impact of the whole life cycle of a project including the resources, production, distribution, and disposal. Ecosign® studies teaches philosophy, ecology, economics, and social studies along with design theory, creation and project management.


#NoMotherNoChild Photography Project

The story of adoption does not start with the happy adoptive family. But with a child born to a mother. #NoMotherNoChild explored where the adoption begins and features the most unheard voices of the adoption experiences: the first mothers. 


Post Adoption Service

You need support finding your family? You don’t know where to start? Someone to pick up your original birth certificate in Colombia? Need help reading your file? Someone visiting Bienestar Familiar for you? Or want to regain your Colombian citizenship? Let us see how I can assist you.


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IN THE MEDIA #NomoterNoChild


Photography meets human RIGHTS

The project #NoMotherNoChild elevates the voices of mothers in Colombia who lost their children to international adoption and child trafficking. This project is in the intersection of female empowerment, human rights activism, and photography. 

EXhibit #NomoterNoChild

The project #NoMotherNoChild is designed to be a traveling exhibition to feature the faces and voices of Colombian first mothers.  

18.05. - 29.05.2019 THE HAGUE, NETHERLAND, Atrium City Hall, Exhibited in the the PopUp Museum of Adoption


Yennifer Villa

is a Cologne/Medellín based ecosigner®, Photographer and Human Rights Activist. She studied ecosign®: Sustainability and Design in Cologne, Germany with main emphasis on Photography, visual content creation and social empowerment. She is an expert in the field of international adoption. As a trilinguist, energetic and optimistic creative, she is committed to using her diverse skill set to bring sustainable ideas into foundations and organizations. 

She has a focus on project and process sustainability, visual, kind and inclusive communication and teaching.

 Recently she is working on her second production phase of her on going project #NoMotherNoChild about Colombian first mothers whose children were adopted internationally, that are show cased in Pop Up Exhibitions around Europe. You can support her project via gofundme or PayPal

She also assists Colombian Adoptees who want to search for their families. 


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+57  302 3516775